What Does Cruelty-Free Mean?!

No Animal Testing

No Animal Ingredients

Commitment for the Future


          In 1996, eight animal protection agencies worked to establish the Coalition for Consumer Information on Cosmetics (CCIC), better known as the Leaping Bunny Program.
          Together, they created “The Standard” (The Corporate Standard of Compassion For Animals), a six-clause guideline for companies and consumers to follow for the fair treatment of animals within the cosmetic and household product industry.

The Standard

1. No Testing on Animals!
1. The Company does not and shall not conduct, Commission, or be a party to Animal Testing of any Cosmetic and/or Household Products including, without limitation, formulations and Ingredients of such products.
2. No Animal Ingredients!
2. The Company does not and shall not purchase any Ingredient, formulation, or product from any Third Party Manufacturer or Supplier that conducted, Commissioned, or had been party to Animal Testing on said Ingredient, formulation, or product after the Company’s Fixed Cut-off Date. If a formulation, Ingredient, or product is found not to comply with the Standard, the Company will replace it with an alternative that complies with the Standard’s criteria or remove it from the product range.
3. Company Monitors Third Party Suppliers!
 3. The Company must implement a Supplier Monitoring System: A Company must obtain and provide to CCIC Declarations of Product Compliance and Declarations of Raw Material Compliance from each of its Third Party Manufacturers and Suppliers that said persons or entities comply with the provisions of the Standard with respect to the materials supplied to the Company. This information will be maintained on file at the Company’s principal place of business as part of the Company’s Supplier Monitoring System.
4. Cruelty-Free in Foreign Countries!
The Company shall not allow Animal Testing to be performed by or for submission to regulatory agencies in foreign countries. The Company shall include language as an addendum to its contracts with any Distributor(s) selling the company’s products for entry into foreign markets (any country other than United States and Canada). A sample contract addendum must be submitted to the CCIC as proof of compliance.
5. Must be Approved by Leaping Bunny!
The Company shall submit the Application for Approval to the CCIC and retain a copy of this document at the Company’s principal place of business.
6. Must be Approved by an Independent Audit!
The Company shall agree to the following: A. Recommit annually; and B. CCIC may require a Company’s Supplier Monitoring System to be submitted to an Independent Audit.

How do you know that a product is approved by Leaping Bunny?

          One of the official two logos (like the ones below) will be seen on products approved by Leaping Bunny.
Companies are very proud to be Leaping Bunny certified!
          Companies are (re)evaluated every year to earn and/or keep their Leaping Bunny status so you know they work hard to stay cruelty-free!

          These are just summaries of The Standard. For the comprehensive document please consult the official Leaping Bunny website. (The Corporate Standard of Compassion For Animals)

Please go to the official Leaping Bunny website for additional information!

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