WHAT DO YOU MEAN: My Beloved Brand Isn’t Completely Cruelty-Free?!

          If you asked proud ethical beauty-gurus about their favorite cruelty-free brands, you might not be able to stop the imminent broken dam of beauty knowledge that is about to be unleashed upon you for at least a couple of hours.
          They might gush about the new Urban Decay Naked Palette or rave about the color pay off of Nars Matte Lip Crayons.

But what if they are wrong about these companies?

What is the one small catch that most of us aren’t aware of?

Are we contributing to the harm of animals if we support these brands?

Here is something you need to know:

Parent Companies

          Like other industries, there are a handful of powerful corporations that control the cosmetic and personal hygiene market. These super-companies break down into different branches, subsidiaries, and brands, giving consumers the illusion of choice and control.
          While companies like Nars and Urban Decay are truly cruelty-free within their confines, profits from these companies may not strictly stay within.
          Their powerful parent companies (Shiseido and L’Oreal), who are definitely not cruelty-free, may use profits from their subsidiaries to test on animals in foreign markets or to purchase ingredients derived from bee labor (cruelty-free means no honey!).

Therefore, you may be inadvertently contributing to animal cruelty!face-screaming-in-fear

          The purpose of this article is to simply inform our beloved followers of this conundrum rather than criticizing or condemning.
          While living 100% crulty-free is always appreciated, we here at HuMane understand how difficult this journey can be. So It’s okay to choose a brand that you love that has a parent company that’s not cruelty-free. It is already better than supporting a brand that is not cruelty-free itself.
Please consult our homepage for our mission statement.

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